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E-LITE Consulting is a boutique advisory firm with an inventive approach to strategies and project execution.

Our expertise lies in unveiling opportunities for our clients and crafting bespoke pathways to their aspirations. Recognizing that implementation is often the stumbling block for many, we provide close guidance that's as unique and innovative as the clients we serve, precisely tailored to their specific needs and situations. 

We adopt a dual-pronged approach that addresses your needs across
- financial management and processes,
- strategic planning,
- project implementation,
- process optimization,
- and developing new business ideas.

At E-LITE Consulting, we don't just advise—we partner with you to ensure that your journey from vision to reality is smooth, successful, and sustainable.

We Help

  • Venture-funded projects
  • Corporations and established organizations seeking improvement
  • CEOs, VPs, CFOs and leaders who need advice or implementation
  • Startups at the initial or growth stage
  • Owners with business ideas

We help you fuel your personal development by offering 

Quality News & Content

Engages buyer audiences when they are looking for solutions.

Proprietary Data

We have one of the largest active databases of education technology buyers.

Ed-Tech Decision Makers

We reach over one million K-12 and Higher Ed educators monthly including tech buyers, IT decision makers, IT strategist, developers and more.

Customer Service

We provide excellent customer service through the design, creation and delivery of targeted marketing programs.

Our partnerships

To offer top quality training and digital certifications, we believe it’s key
to partner with the best in industry across business and education sectors.

Meet your trainers

Our certified trainers will unveil the little-known techniques to nurture your
online adventure at a very affordable cost. Viktor Woodard, Alysia Baldwin & Beatriz Kennedy
are fully qualified teachers with extensive practical and specific knowledge of their fields.

Meet Beatriz

Meet Viktor

Meet Alysia

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